Jayoba’s Dream

  • Jayoba’s Dream

Jayoba’s dream is named after a small shrub that grows on parched land. It never grows very well and dreams of becoming a majestic tree.

This Monkey Puzzle vase was turned at Yandles Autumn show last year. It was only finished this week. The finish comprised of first hammering the textured area, followed by two coats of stain, first black and then red. The shine was applied with multiple oil coats, and finally buffed. The design shape is strongly classical, but by colouring and texturing I have tried to lift the piece into modern times.

Occasionally when you try something different such as the finish on this piece, you take the risk of moving away from your “safe zone” something that you know works. Taking these small risks may seem like trivia, but when you have spent many hours making a piece, taking a risk can be difficult. Without these small gambles our work will stagnate and get just that little boring. So what shall we do next?