Yandles Autumn Show 2010

I was very pleased to be invited to demonstrate at the Yandles show. Previous years I have attended as a customer and always thought what a terrific show this was, with a great atmosphere and plenty to see and get involved in. This year was no exception with a constant crowd in front of the lathe I had a job to fit in a cup of tea.

Westonbirt “Festival of the Tree 2010”

Once again we met many wood lovers  from around the country and enjoyed ourselves listening to their tales and throwing in a few of our own.

The exhibitor in the next marquee tried to tell me that one of the “Visit the Canopy” chaps had spent the night at the top of a tree in a hammock he had stretched between two bows. The rest of the weekend we exchanged other preposterous stories and split out sides on many occasions.

A new organising team at the arboretum, meant a new layout and increased costs to all the exhibitors. These changes were not ideal under the current economic climate and resulted in a disappointing show.