There is nothing like having something made from wood.

It may not reliably hold water, or be as strong as steel, or even as tough as plastic, but what it can do, is feel good in your hand, smell great in your house and look fantastic.

The ultimate recycled product made by sucking in tons of gases and breathing oxygen out to our planet. How can wood not have a major part in our lives?

I can vouch for all of my wood. It is only from trees grown in the UK. Usually in the county and comes mainly from local tree surgeons and farmers. None of the trees I use are felled for their wood, they are often at the end of their life span and have to be removed for safety.


Some of the items shown are for sale, and of course new work is constantly being made. Many of us have favourite trees around us. Sadly, sometimes they have to come down. By allowing me to make an item from that tree, you can keep a timeless reminder of that tree and its history.

Please contact me for any interesting commissions you may like to discuss.